CTFS Bibliography Help Page

Searching Papers
Title: Search Database with relevant Titles that are entered
Year: The first box is Minimum year for the search and above. The second box is Maximum year for search
Example: Entering 2000 in the first box will display results for all papers with the year 2000 and above.
Author Search: Author search is by last name only and can use wildcards for their names
Wild Card Search: Use the % symbol around a Phrase or Letter to grab relevant results
Example: %John% in the first name field will show ALL bibliography's that have the first name of John in them

Inserting and Editing Papers
Authors: Use the drop down box to select and author to add to the paper, you can add new authors by typing them manually in the box next to the drop down list
Example: "Doe, John" Seperate the authors first and last name by a " , " the space is required between first and last name
Editing Authors: The author box is the author order that it will display, adding a new author will place the new author on the end of the order.
PDF's: Clicking yes will bring you to a new page to upload a pdf from your local computer. Note: it must be extension .pdf or it will not work